Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun Friday...Quiet, Quiet Chicken Salad??

Another great week in second grade folks! We started our day with a little This Old Man... but we really liked the "knick-knack-paddy-whack" part of the song best! Then, after a lovely greeting, our game was "telephone". A simple game where we deliver a message around the circle one whisper at a time (yup... the only time when whispering isn't confused with bad manners). Who would have thought that our message, which began as: "Friday, Friday, fun, fun, fun... Second grade has just begun" would end as: "Quiet, quiet, chicken salad"!!?? Probably THE funniest game of telephone I've ever played...ever!
This week Peter impressed us as the math meeting helper, well done Peter. Ethan is ready to roll next week with this very important job! Way to go Ethan! Ms. Worthley modeled our V.I.P. this week, and next week it will be T.J. I can't wait to see how T.J. decides to share his life, interests, and family with us! We also completed our glyph project in math, and covered our naked (naked... hee, hee, we said naked) bodies with clothes using the secret code! Hope your parents can follow the code as well as you did second graders... because that will be one of their jobs at Open House on September 24!
We also finished our beautiful self portraits. Monday we will think about our "hopes and dreams" for second grade, and add the final touches to this special poster project!
Homework will look fairly routine next week, as we will begin 15 minutes of quiet reading, at home, and recording our reading in the homework. More reading is always better reading, but I only require a minimum of 15 quiet, focused minutes, along with 5 minutes of writing (recording title, author, and one small connection/comment your reader made with what they read). I will add to homework as we go on, but I'd like to start simple, and have each student develop a routine and good habits regarding work at home, while feeling like they are successful! Many of you have asked about typing, or scribing for your student. This is totally acceptable! Remember... my goal for asking your student to do reading as homework is to develop a lifelong love for reading. Let them choose anything they want, for now, and we will expand "good reading choices" as the year progresses! Hope you all had a great weekend with your student, friends and family! Looking forward to next week with each and every one of you!

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