Monday, September 27, 2010

Back... At Last... With some catching up to do!

Thanks to ALL who were able to join us at Open House... and if you missed it... it's truly, still and "open house" in 2W if you'd like to join us during your student's busy work day! Volunteering is a great way to see our learning in action, and a great way to validate all the hard work behind what your students are learning! Having said that, I've gotta give a big "shout out" to PTO and that awesome BBQ Dinner prior to our evening! Thanks to Sunderland's Men's Club and Women's Club as well, for all the great cooking and food contribution.... and, quite frankly, for JOINING US on such a special night! How much do you love, love, love this school... and this town?? TONS!!
Having missed a few days, I'd like to catch you all up on the business of second grade! Students enjoyed writing letters to parents earlier and loved the idea of setting the "agenda" for their parents... basically telling them what to do, and what to look at in the classroom. You're written letters back were well received, and read with huge smiles and warm feelings! Olivia had an awesome morning meeting, thanks to her choice of "Black Socks", the scarf greeting, and the clothespin game! We also learned about sorting words... the "second grade" way! Thanks again, to all who came to Open House, and all your participation! Special thanks to all who helped feed our wonderful community! It was a great day... and a very special night!

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