Friday, September 17, 2010

T.J. Our First V.I.P.!!

Fabulous Friday for everyone!! Our busy morning started with "Oh Susana"... otherwise known as "Oh, Adriana"! and a koosh toss greeting, followed by the clothespin game! Nice start to a nice day! Almost everyone brought in their homework today... and it was looking pretty good! Very impressive! We certainly have a class full of fabulous "handwriters" too! Not sure I've ever seen "6 feet on the floor", and everyone's "helping hand" in action during handwriting the way I see it with this group. Wow! We also learned some more new work board centers... ABC Order, and Classroom Library! After a few energizers (Potato... Orange) we got back to work with fact families! We discovered 10 beans make 11 math facts, and stretched our learning today to include fact families... only 3 numbers in a family can make 4 math facts, or 4 equations! Well done second grade! Finally, the day ended with T.J. who bravely jumped in as our first V.I.P. I can't wait to hear about it! V.I.P. is the second grade way we begin "sharing" by having one friend at a time share their life, family, interests, hobbies, passion, and/or talent with our class. It's a very structured time where the only "talker" is the V.I.P., while the entire group practice active listening skills until our V.I.P. is done. While comments, questions and connections are made at the end of the presentation, the purpose is to keep our focus on the topic... our V.I.P.! It takes a lot of courage to go first T.J., well done! I'm sure your friends were very impressed, and certainly know more about what an awesome dude you are!


  1. Hi Lee

    A quick question on the VIP. Is this done weekly? Adan was not sure if he had to hand it in today but could of used another day to think and collect things..let me know if you did this today or are waiting till the end of the week


  2. TJ... heard your cat, Meow, was a big hit! Everyone loved it! Thanks for picking out the story for our guest reader from the Frontier Red Hawks football team (cool)! Ms. G really loved your V.I.P.! Thanks for being so brave and going first to share! You are one awesome dude, and I'm so grateful to have you in our class!!