Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday... Big Day for Adan and Welcome to our Guest Athlete, Frontier Football Full Back Chris!!

Not only was it Fun Friday... it was a big day for our friend Adan... who was VIP, as well as our morning meeting helper! And what a day he had... He started with the Koosh greeting, and the ever popular clothespin game, but with a slightly smaller clothespin! VERY CHALLENGING, and made for a fun game! We also learned Buddy Reading the "second grade" way. Reading (eyes in the book), following along with your buddy, maybe even some talking (about your reading, of course), is what makes buddy reading so fun! Good readers "think" while they "read"... which makes our talking very useful, even important while we read!!
We also shared our science writing about gourds, and tried to match each writers gourd with the actual gourd itself, by using the clues in their writing. The more descriptive, and the more you write about what you see (like a scientist), the more we were able to make a good guess!
Since it's Friday, our guest athlete from the Frontier Red Hawks Footbal Team, Chris, joined us for read aloud. It was great! Well done Chris! Thanks to Chris, and all the Frontier athletes, for their volunteer efforts in our classrooms. We love it!
Finally, we ended with Adan's VIP! So many cool rocks, gems, special cards, and a great survey! Who doesn't look up to their dad... because he's FUN! Way to end Fun Friday Adan... Well done!!

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