Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day Two... And We're Lookin' Good!!

Another great day second graders! Today we learned what "quiet reading" looks like in second grade... along with writing workshop (story writing), guided discovery with crayons, more math warm up (addition), and handwriting (pencil grip, helping hand, and sitting like a writer... very important!). We tried a new song: Rockin' Robin, sung by Michael Jackson when he was with the Jackson 5, of course (thanks Mary... someone has schooled you well!!), and tried a new greeting with the koosh ball. While the "work" may feel "easy", most of our learning is truly about routines, expectations, and how we take care of our classroom and each other! So far... I gotta say... I like what I'm seeing! Thoughtful, caring friends working hard, doing their "honest-best" work, while showing kindness, patience, and compassion at every opportunity! Well done second graders!

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