Monday, September 13, 2010


Greetings Friends! Great start to the week, with a great game of Mrs. Marble (cracks us up... every time). We will miss our wonderful Mrs. Cialek this week, as she is one of the many teachers at Nature's Classroom with our 5th graders. In her absence, we have the equally lovely Ms. G (as in Galleranni) who is a local lady and currently working toward her teacher certification! Welcome Taylor Galleranni! Our new math meeting helper was Ethan, and he had a very captive, ready, enthusiastic audience on his hands for our math meeting! Well done Ethan, and way to make Ethan feel valuable second graders! Everyone did a super job.
We started homework, which means quiet reading and writing about your reading on your homework sheet. We practiced in school, and will continue to review how to do homework, so everyone feels confident and successful! There's also one math story problem (which we also practiced in school today) so folks should feel ready to at least try to do the homework. Students should read for as long as they want (more is always better), but Ms. Worthley only requires 15 quiet, focused minutes (just like quiet reading is in school)!!
Early to bed... second graders. See you in the morning!!

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