Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Vote is IN!!!! Swimmy the Second it is!!

Greetings Folks! Another busy Tuesday... here's how it looked...
We started our day with morning meeting, and realized we genuinely ran out of time for Rebecca's message and game. We talked about how to do better, and we are ready to do "right" by Rebecca and give her another chance to run the morning meeting tomorrow (only fair...). Thanks to Olivia D. who's flexibility and willingness to wait and have her meeting on Thursday allowed for this to happen... after all, that's what "a good friend would do"!! GAME ON tomorrow morning Rebecca!
We also reviewed "mix and fix" and building spelling words....and it was awesome! This a a very interactive "hands-on" way we practice learning word rules, letter patterns, vowel teams, and lets face it... how to spell our spelling words (so we remember in writing workshop!). Well done second grade!
We also learned how to write our spelling words in a sentence... the "second grade way". Important to know vocabulary, as well as how to spell our words! Meaning matters! Admittedly this was hard work for our writers, and excellent mechanics practice (punctuation, capitals, spaces). It is something we will continue to work on as we build ourselves into well rounded writers!
Tuesday is a funny day for us, as we have 2 specials in one day (not by choice, by scheduling necessity), so Tuesday is a sneaker day (PE) as well as a Music day!
We ended today with some very official and important business....voting on a new name for our new classroom pet. After soliciting many suggestions (Swimmy Jr. Swimmy the 2nd, Rocky, Jaws, Tiny...) we voted. One vote per person. Our polling officials were Olivia R. (official ballot reader), T.J. (official state secretary, scribing), and Ethan (security, disposing of old ballots and making sure there were no "dimpled chads" and no "shenanigans"). Each official took their job seriously, and were carefully watched by the public as they conducted their business. After all votes were in, and carefully and fairly counted, we named our new fish Swimmy the Second. Some voters were unhappy that their suggestion was not as popular with the masses, but we agreed to vote, vote fair, and majority would rule... and so it goes. Our fish is healthy, active, and seems to love his new home! Thanks to Ms. Cialek, for her generous donation of fish, plants, "crabby castle", and love in making this happen so quickly for our 2W family of learners!

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