Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tambourine Tuesday!

Howdy All! Our day started with a tambourine greeting and awesome version of This Old Man! Woohoo! Soon after, we began Guided Discoveries for work board! Specifically, mix and fix (the second grade way), math center, and writing center! We had our first calendar-math day with September calendars... please note: Open House is September 23! I erroneously said the 24th in a previous blog entry... sorry (oops)!
You may have heard, our beloved classroom pet, Swimmy, has passed on. We discussed how Beta fish usually live about a year or 2 (certainly not 3 1/2 as our Swimmy has) and that he may have died from "Beta-old-age". We also talked about our feelings (though we haven't had a lot of time to get attached to good ol' Swimmy) and how we all agree Swimmy would want to give his body back to the Earth, in hopes of nourishing the circle of life (wow)! Tomorrow we will decide whether this should happen in school, or maybe in Adan's "fish-graveyard" which he assured us is safe, and so graciously offered to us (Swimmy) today. Lot's of good discussion, respectful listening, and open, thoughtful dialogue! Well done second grade!
Our math meeting helper "kicked it up" with his bundle of 10's in "days in school", and did a great job explaining the weather and money! Nice Ethan! Peter, last week's meeting helper, has offered to help anyone who needs it! Way to step up, Peter! Great day! Love this class!

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