Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 3... Can You Feel the Heat??

Wow! Can't even describe how hot our little school was today! Students tried to stay focused, but with all the sweating, and all the drinking (hydration...seriously...) and then, of course, all the bathroom breaks (yup, all the drinking)... we had our fair share of challenges today. Having said that, we still managed to create our meeting rules (a document we will honor all year), write about ourselves in writing workshop, establish "quiet reading" behaviors, and even begin some beginning of the year math assessment (very little... too hot), and finally, our first day in the "media center"! Our library and computer room has been combined into one shared space called a media center. Our school hopes to soon staff this new space with a certified technology teacher and one who can take care of our library needs as well. I'll keep you posted on information as it becomes available. Until then, we have every intention of using our library and technology center and have begun to access both our "fast math" (math facts) and "lexia" (phonics based word work) accounts.
I left the camera at school (dang!) so I don't have any new pics for today. I'll send a brief newsletter home Friday with details about our week, but if your reading the blog, you'll be up to date daily with news events, celebrations, unexpected surprises, and unit study/curriculum as well. You're students are working hard, and beginning to create a culture of caring, questioning, wonder, and responsibility... and that's the way we like it!

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  1. I'd love a class list -- some of the kids Ethan has never been with in a class so it's new faces! What do you think? --Judy