Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Awwww Shucks... It's Farm to Table Time!

Well, another rainy day! While we definitely need the hydration... it did cancel our walking field trip to Mikes Farm. Though the trip was canceled, students still participated in the shucking of the corn! And shuck... we did! This is truly a community wide school event I hope continues! Students worked together shucking, while observing properties of the corn... husks, kernels, silk, cob, and made interesting observations (and found some interesting critters harboring in our bounty)!! Cool! We will eat the corn tomorrow at lunch... can't wait!
Mary had her very first morning meeting and made some great choices with Rockin' Robin (that always wakes us up), the tambourine greeting, and an awesome picture of the walking field trip to the farm... corn stalks and all (even though we didn't go). Great job Mary, and a great morning meeting! Mackenzie also had another nice math meeting as well! Well done Mackenzie!
We "rainbow-wrote" our spelling words (a new favorite word study activity), and wrote like scientists again in writing workshop, observing the inside of our bulbs, this time! Very cool... we generated some observations and vocabulary together, and then wrote and drew pictures of what we see, like a scientist would! Second graders made some excellent observations, and amazingly accurate pictures (with labels)! Well done!
Later, in math, we graphed the different kinds of bulbs that we will be planting in our second grade bulb garden! We remembered a proper graph must always have numbers, words, a title... and data... of course! Today our data was types of bulbs! Tomorrow we will review or graphs, and use the data to answer some questions. Soon after, we will tuck our beautiful little bulbs to bed in our garden, with anticipation of what spring will bring! Stay dry... see you all in the morning for Lannashia's first morning meeting! Tomorrow is a sneaker day... P.E. Can't wait!

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