Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Corn and Caterpillars!!

Another busy Wednesday! Lannashia started us off with a great morning meeting! Students learned about listening center (paying attention to words that rhyme), sorted our spelling words, and added lots more words to our word list! The science table is bustling with our new caterpillars, new fish, and dissected bulbs! We thought the caterpillars were hungry (thanks for the dill delivery, Mrs. Deane) but they were really just beginning to make their chrysalis! What an exciting thing to see during the course of the day!
We also met our new student teacher from UMass, Kristin McCarthy, whose very excited to join our classroom. She'll be with us most Mondays and Wednesdays during our literacy block in the morning, and we look forward to hosting her!
We watched a video about plants, bulbs, and how gardens grow with our second grade friends in Mrs. Z's class, and we loved all the "together time"! We realized how much we've learned from all our scientific observations, and how excited we are to see our garden this spring! We revisited our tulip bulb graphs, and used the data to answer questions in math today, and realized how fluent we're becoming with our math facts in such a short time! Wow! Well done second graders. Great day!


  1. France... underpants...Uh...yeah... looking for rhyming words...(underpants!!!)

  2. Nice T-shirt Charlie!!! When asked... "Really Charlie, would you trade your sister for a tractor???" His very quick (and I mean quick) response was "no"... that's right, Sammy.... one big, fat, epic: NO!!! Well done, brother Charlie!