Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome Back Ms. Cialek... and is that a new fish???

Week 4 and we're starting our first big second grade project... "Project Bulb Garden"! Students took a critical look at bulbs and wrote about their observations.... what you see, what you notice, like a scientist would do! We tried to differentiate between "scientific writing" and "story writing", and labeled our pictures the way a scientist would! Nicely done friends! More on bulbs later..
Kirsten was our Math meeting helper today, and what a helper she was! We took a small "sidetrip" conversation regarding tens and ones (place value), but Kirsten ran a great meeting! Well done Kirsten! Tomorrow, Rebecca will take the stage as our first morning meeting helper. Very brave Rebecca! I'm sure it will be a great meeting! While we miss good ol' Swimmy, Ms. Cialek heard the news about our beloved fishy, and has supplied our class with another beautiful Beta! New tank, new fish, new beginning! Thank you Ms. Cialek, we will love and take good care of this new addition to our 2W family! Nice to have you back too (irreplaceable)!


  1. Adan... can't wait for you V.I.P.! A live fish... very cool! You're the first friend to bring a fish in as part of V.I.P. Loved reading that your Dad is your hero because he's fun! Awesome!! Wondering what kind of fun you all do in your free time! Can't wait until Friday to hear all about it!

  2. Hello Friends !

    I think this blog is very fun !

    Love, Mary

  3. Nice post Mary! I think it's fun too! I get to see all my school friends from home!