Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Howdy Partners!

Another busy productive day in second grade! As detectives, we looked at every inch of our desk plates, carefully noticing our ABC's, the number line, money, shapes and colors, the 100's board, and many other helping tools we will use for writing, spelling, geometry, measuring, and counting! We also began work on our self portraits, and our efforts were very impressive, as you'll see for yourselves soon at Open House! Peter is our first Math Meeting helper this week (BIG JOB!) and has wielded our calendar, counted our "days in school", and graphed our weather like a pro! Well done Peter! I wonder what tomorrow's magic number will be?
Building our classroom, and a community of learners... one day at a time! I continue to be impressed with our class spirit! Enthusiastic learners arriving on time (well done parents!) and ready to go... willing to offer a kind word or help a friend at every opportunity!
And just when we thought we were done... Olivia showed us her smooth moves with two hands, 2 balls, and some super speedy catching, tagging, and tossing skills! Well done Olivia! Another great day in second grade.

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