Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mr. B. and Mr. Ponti... and Dictionaries!!

Another difficult day... without a doubt... but made better with an assembly with our whole school community! Mr. Hines lead songs and memories... while remembering what's most important... Love! We had a chance to meet Mr. B. and Mr. Ponti (right hand corner of this picture) who will be leading our school and our community. We couldn't be in better hands... both gentlemen have worked in our district, have the experience in leadership, and deeply care about our school and your children! Welcome Mr. B. and Mr. Ponti! After the assembly we had our own morning meeting and tried a new greeting with rhythm sticks. After our greeting we read today's message, and wondered how we could make our new leaders feel welcome and more comfortable! That's when Chan-Hee suggested we write them a friendly letter... like we did for Lucas when he joined us last week! GREAT IDEA!! Next, it was on to reading workshop and quiet reading, writing about our thinking and reading, and some skills practice with reading related activities! Last thing we did was talk about syllables and short e vowel sound! We spent our word study time remembering what syllables are, and how to notice them in words. Then, we had to find where the short e sound was in words (challenging)! After that... it was all about dictionaries!!! And we loved it! We had an introduction to dictionaries, and all the amazing things inside of them! Guide words, maps, pictures, words... and then we looked up some of our spelling words! Paying close attention to spelling, and ABC order, we were able to find our spelling words in the dictionary! WE ended our day together with Kelsey's math meeting.... a little later than usual, and well done! Another great day friends.

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