Monday, October 21, 2013

Equations and Meetings!!

Greetings Friends! Another great start to a busy week! Ben lead the way with his very first math meeting, complete with calendar math, days in school, and money! Well done Ben! Next we reviewed what we learned about greater than > less than < , and equal to = then we used these symbols in equations! We also reviewed strategies for solving problems! Using strategies like number lines, pictures, and hundreds charts help us understand and express our thinking when solving problems! Especially when the problems get more complicated, and there are a lot of things to consider in finding a solution!! We will continue this kind of work all year, because, math is not just something we learn and practice every day in school, it helps us in our real lives!!! In reading workshop we continued reading fables and added some spooky Halloween stories to our quiet reading choices... and we loved it! We also practiced being word detectives and searched for short o vowel sounding words. This meant counting syllables, and finding words that rhyme, and writing our words in an organized way! Jack had his first morning meeting and chose to sing Chicken lips, the koosh greeting, and "this or that"! Well done Jack! Excellent meeting! In the afternoon, writing workshop was full and busy with tiny topic stories and learning how to "zoom in" and add details to our stories. We remembered how to "plan" a story (with key words on each page as we stretch our story out on many pages), and went back to add detail. Writers pay attention to life, like a magnifying glass pays attention to details. Developing as writers, and living a writers life is some of the most exciting and important work we do in second grade! Well done writers! Keep those stories coming!

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