Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tiny Topics.... and Fables!

Howdy Friends! Another awesome day jam packed with all kinds of learning... starting with Giorgia's math meeting! We continued our learning from yesterday about combinations of tens and how they can make 100, or other sums! Learning how tens work together, and how to be organized workers will help our thinking and our outcome!! In reading workshop we learned about a special kind of story called fables. We learned how fables are structured, what they have in common ("fable-features"), and how much we love them!! We read our first fable together and will read many more this week and next... and we can't wait!! In writing workshop we remembered what we learned yesterday... how writers write meaningful stories (not any old story), but stories that come from our lives and evoke big feelings! Next, we unlocked some of our very own story ideas in our very own tiny topics notebooks! Students learned how to capture an idea... a great story idea... and record it in our tiny topic notebook. Each notebook is different and special, and full of "story-seeds"... ideas for growing future stories! Wow! Do we have lots of small meaningful moments in each of our lives.... and I can't wait to develop our stories!!! Excellent work today, writers... unlocking your stories and letting them come alive in your tiny topic notebooks!!!

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