Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday's WOW Words!!

Howdy friends! While the rest of New England is growing beards, and getting ready for the World Series... featuring our beloved Red Sox... we were busy in second grade writing spectacular stories and solving story problems!!! We began with another great math meeting with Ben and were quickly diverted by our "lock-down" practice... otherwise known and the "hide and be quiet" game! We talked about how we were all safe, and that there was NO danger, but how we practice hiding to be prepared. Students did an amazing job today too! Well done! In math we solved story problems with a lot to think about! First, there were big numbers to consider, next, there was the actual question to consider, then we had to think of a strategy to show our thinking and solve our problem. And that's exactly what we did! We had a great time with Ms. Kidder comparing Stone Soup folk tales and checking out books! Then it was the moment we all have been waiting for... writing workshop! We have seriously developed into a productive, supportive, creative writing community, and we love our writing workshop! Today Ms. Lemeshow reviewed our learning from yesterday (about powerful leads and how to hook a reader in the beginning) and talked about "powerful words" and "powerful language"! We used mentor text from The Recess Queen to see how the writer used strong words to show emotion and strong feelings in the story! Then, we took our ideas and applied some powerful words to our own stories. Every writer was focused and "storytelling" using strategies we've learned! Some worked on planning a story with key words, some used talking in their story, and some used powerful words... straight out of today's lesson. Way to go writers! You know you have a budding writing community when it's time to go home and you break the news to a classroom full of students that: "Writing workshop is over for today"... and you get a collective: "Noooooooooo!!!!" from students! More tomorrow writers! PE tomorrow too... sneakers please.

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