Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun Run and Fables!!

Another busy Thursday, starting with Giorgia's Math meeting! Next we remembered what we learned about place value and practice comparing numbers using important words and symbols... < less than.... > greater than.... and = equal to!! We paid close attention to digits in the ones place and in the tens place, and figured out the value of our numbers. There were some tricky questions that required some thinking and time... and more thinking... but that's how we learn! We also used strategies to solve problems! It's hard to solve a problem if you don't have a strategy to figure out what to do, so we talked about strategies, and today, using a number line was a very effective strategy! Well done friends! In reading workshop we worked more with fables and paid attention to characters and the moral of the fable! We were able to buddy read and interact with the text with highlighters, and then write about our thinking! We love working with our buddies, especially when the job is reading, thinking, and talking about our learning!! This afternoon we had our first "fun run"! this means we "stop" school to pay attention to our bodies, exercise, and health! And that's just what we did today! After assembling in the gym, we were let loose to run the track around SES! Students ran, walked, and even accompanied friends for a fun afternoon of fitness and healthy activity! Gotta love it when the entire school gets together for healthy, fitness and fun, and on one spectacular sunny day! Thanks to Nurse Jeannie and Ms. Gebo for organizing our afternoon of fun! And to Ms. Palmer for those delicious apples, courtesy of Clark's orchards... we LOVED THE APPLES!!!! Great day friends, fun Friday tomorrow!

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