Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rounding and Realistic Fiction!!

New week and new work!! This week we started with new meeting helpers... Hunter began his first week as math meeting helper! Well done Ethan! Robert lead his first morning meeting today with the clothespin game, ball toss greeting, and Chicken Lips!! Well done Robert! In math we introduced learning about rounding to the nearest 10... and what it means to be "closer" to a benchmark ten. If you have 23 marbles... do you have "about" 20, or "about" 30? Understanding tens and place value are very important in understanding how to round numbers! We practiced what we learned using strategies like number lines and hundreds charts to see how close the numbers really are! In Reading workshop we introduced realistic fiction as a new genre or type of reading we enjoy! We though about what "realistic" means... then applied what we know about "fiction" and looked at some favorite stories to recognize what are some features in realistic fiction (and what was something else... fiction, non-fiction, biography). So many types of books to read, and so much interest in reading it all! Can't wait!

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