Monday, October 14, 2013

Fun Friday with Christopher Columbus

Greetings friends! Another busy week ended with our very first V.I.P. in second grade... Kelsey! But it all started with Caroline's math meeting, full of money, calendar math and days in school!! Well done Caroline, next week we will have a new math meeting helper, along with a morning meeting helper! We stretched our learning in place value to include writing numbers in their expanded form. We used both words and numbers and paid close attention to how many tens and how many ones were in each number and what they are worth... their value!! We spent most of reading workshop reading and learning about American History and Christopher Columbus. After reading David Adler's book on this historic journey to the "new world" we read Jane Yolen's book today. We quickly noticed each of the different authors had different points of view regarding this piece of history. We were then able to talk about point of view and how it can vary... even if the story remains the same! Challenging and thought provoking, but that's what thinking about your learning is all about!! We compared events in each of the stories using a venn diagram to help us see similarities and differences in each of the stories. We also had some lively discussions throughout the activity! Just the way we like it! Our learning included buddy reading with Scholastic News and we learned about "main idea" and "supporting details". Being able to read an article while paying attention to text features, and thinking about our reading are very important skills! Discerning the main idea in a piece of writing, and how it's supported with details is also important! We finally ended the day with our V.I.P. Kelsey! She told us all about her family, things she likes to do, and shared some special treasures she made all on her own! Students listened carefully and we were all able to learn a little more about our friend! Next week's V.I.P. will be Josh... and we can't wait!!

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