Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween... already! October 31 came frightfully fast this year! So, today we decided to use some spooky creative ideas to inspire our writing workshop! First, we started with meetings! This week our math meetings were lead by Hunter! Hunter lead us through calendar math, counted days in school, and added money to all our important math meeting jobs! Well done Hunter! Riley lead a morning meeting and chose the challenging ball toss greeting! We also played the clothespin game and took a survey about Halloween using our handy venn diagram to collect our data! Nicely done Riley! We introduced skip counting in second grade, and learned how to count, but instead of counting by ones, we skip some numbers! Following skip counting patterns can be tricky, so we used our strategies to help us with our thinking (number lines, hundreds charts)! We also noticed all kinds of patterns, depending on what kind of skip counting we were doing and where we started our skip counting!! Robert brought a special spooky ghost treat for snack today to help get us in the mood for Halloween! Thanks Robert! We also tried some roasted pumpkin seeds that Ms. W. cooked up after carving pumpkins over the weekend, and they were salty and tasty! With all these half days, we decided to treat ourselves to a morning writing workshop, complete with spooky stories and ghostly characters, and unexpected surprises!! After reading some more of our own spooky stories, and paying close attention to how the authors created a spooky mood, we tried writing some spooky tales ourselves! We also talked about how much fun it is to read and write scary stories, especially when you know that you're in no real danger, but having fun getting excited... in a spooky, sort of scary way! Tomorrow is Friday... and a full day of learning! Can't wait! Thanks to all you wonderful parents who came in this week to conference about your student's learning! Each of your student's is working very hard in second grade, and I've loved meeting with each and every one of you! Thank you for supporting your child's learning in this way! Happy Halloween!

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