Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Today... in a Nutshell...

Math meeting! Awesome Caroline! Counting money... after 29 days in school! Well done! 5 different ways to count 29 in money! After meeting, we reviewed number words and place value, and practiced more with writing numbers... paying close attention to tens and ones! Next... Morning meeting! Morning meeting, while a time to greet and show care for each other, we also talk about the day of learning ahead, while answering questions and preparing ourselves for a great day! After meeting, reading workshop included reading groups, choosing how to write about our reading (and thinking), and sharing our work! We reviewed our spelling rule... short i vowel sound, and learned about how one word can have more than one meaning! It was also a library day!! Yay! New books! Later we learned how to draw like Ed Emberly... paying close attention to the sequence of steps to follow in order to create a certain outcome... a picture! No matter who the character we were drawing, we paid close attention to following the sequence and had some great pictures to show for all our work! In a nutshell... great day friends! Tomorrow is a PE day... sneakers please.

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