Thursday, October 3, 2013

More with Place Value and "Retelling"!!

In light of the weight of this week... I will say it's been a productive and pleasant day in 2W! Starting with Kelsey's math meeting! She lead calendar math, days in school, and ran one efficient meeting! Next, we reviewed what we learned about place value and what happens when you have 2 digits in a number. We remembered the "place" the digit's in determines it's value... what it's worth! Next, it was time to practice!! We built our numbers with base ten blocks while paying attention to how many "tens" and how many "ones".... and how many in all! And then... right there... in the middle of finishing math, and getting ready for snack, this gathering of second graders enjoyed their book about Doubles Riddles! Robert lead friends in a reading of doubles riddles, while paying attention to give props to each of the writers on each page! Great moment, and I loved it! Well done friends!! We sang a new song at morning meeting (Chicken Lips) and tried a new greeting... "slap it, shoot it... kaboot it" and it was great! As always, we payed close attention to greet each friend with care, but loved the new greeting! Next... Today's message was all about listening and retelling... important skills! Students tried to listen and understand today's message, and then, Jack and Caroline repeated today's message! Well done, and not easy! After quiet reading, we used our thinking and writing skills to retell our stories. After writing and retelling our stories, we got to shuck corn! That's right, today was another GREAT farm to table day at SES, and we helped shuck corn for tomorrows meal! Friends shucked... and peeled... and shucked some more!! Mr. Barshefsky helped with a lot of the shucking, along with Ms. Barrett, and we can't wait until lunch tomorrow! Helping prepare our meal made us feel important, useful, and excited for tomorrows feast! Fun Friday tomorrow friends. I must note how impressed I am with your students, in light of a difficult week. The children always bring joy and purpose to our work... thank you for all your care and support on behalf of our little school!

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