Monday, September 30, 2013

A Difficult Day... Made Better

So... Today... Today was a difficult day. We've all heard the news, we've shared our grief, comforted each other, and then we had a whole school day ahead of us. As we mourn the sudden loss of Principal Merritt we will continue to answer questions, lead with grace and purpose, and care for each other. We will continue to experience "big feelings... strong emotions" in light of our loss, and that's ok... Please know that your students, and teachers... your school and community are being lead with strength and compassion by our district administrators. Even in this difficult time, we still remain focused on our essential question... what is best for our students... how can we best serve our children. After a brief meeting sharing news and talking about what will happen next... we were ready for math. Today we reviewed our learning about odd and even numbers. We remembered what we learned about patterns with odd and even numbers... like odd plus odd equals even, even plus even equals even... and odd plus even equals odd! We remembered what we learned when a number has more than one digit, and how to look in the ones place to tell odd or even! We watched a quick video showing how even numbers can be split in half (with 2 equal amounts) and odd numbers can not, because odd always has a left-over! And then we practiced! Adding numbers and noticing odd or even sums in equations! We practiced our "pinky hand shake" greeting at morning meeting and sang our new favorite, "Hello To All the Children of the World"! We also sorted words, did some quiet reading and wrote about our thinking in reading workshop. We practiced buddy reading and introduced our new spelling pattern: short vowel sound e! So, while today had challenges, your children made it better! I heard so many teachers mention how the day was better... "as soon as the children arrived"! Thank you for preparing your children so well on Sunday with extraordinarily difficult news. They reminded every one of us why we love what we do! Take care of yourselves, your children, and each other. Thank you Principal Merritt... principal, teacher, father, musician, writer, friend.

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