Monday, October 7, 2013

Place Value!! Number Rolls!

Our busy Monday started with our math meeting, and with our math meeting helper absent today, Ben (the substitute) stepped right in! Well done Ben! And, on the side... I love how seriously these second graders are taking their responsibility when it comes to classroom jobs!! 2W never looked so spiffy!!! Next it was on to place value and practicing what we know about the "place of a digit" in a number!! We watched how to make number rolls... starting at 0... and going on after that! We noticed important patterns that happen in our base 10 number system, along with how to be an independent worker (self reliant and resourceful)!! Then, it was on to making our own number rolls. Students started in the ones place, of course, with one column of numbers (0-9)... After that, we noticed what happens when reaching 9... and we suddenly have 2 digit numbers! That's where some interesting patterns in our number rolls jumped out!! We quickly became aware of how addictive number rolls can be!!! Number writing... who knew??? We loved it! And then... ALL OF A SUDDEN... Kelsey reached a 3 digit number.... 100!!! WOW! Now, with 3 digit numbers on our roll, there was a whole new pattern of numbers to notice! Awesome! Math was pretty exciting, but after that we had reading workshop. We also practiced our new word study principle (spelling pattern), short i vowel sound! Students worked with their words and read them as well! Great job Sukhman! We finished our memory letters about Mr. Merritt this afternoon in writing workshop and used color and detail to enhance our writing (sigh...)! We ended our day with V.I.P! We learned about how sharing looks in second grade, and each week, one friend will be our V.I.P. and share important information about themselves... and I can't wait! One rainy Monday made better with great second graders, place value, reading, and V.I.P!! I'll take it!

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