Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Place Value and Memories...

With each day, we endure and persevere through our loss. Our students have been spectacular this week, and today's Cafe Sun was another reminder of what makes our school so special! Today we started in math, as we always do, and wrote about our thinking about odd and even numbers... 14 specifically! We remembered the patterns with even and odd numbers used important vocabulary like "pairs" and "leftovers". Next it was on to place value, one of the most important concepts to learn using our base 10 system of numbers!! First, we remembered where the tens place and the ones place are. Then, we noticed what happens when you count beyond single digit numbers! Then we looked at numbers with the same digits, but in different places. Digits might be the same, but THEIR PLACE IN THE NUMBER determines their value... what they're worth! One excellent morning full of learning, then practice, and then critical thinking. We talked about how important it is to work... COUNT... using precision! Counting with precision insures a careful, thoughtful result! Very important! Kelsey also lead another great math meeting too! Well done Kelsey! In reading workshop we wrote about our reading using "retelling" strategies. Retelling a story is a skill we practice often, and using transition words to help us with our writing! Our spelling program is well on it's way, and today we practiced our short e vowel sound using antonyms (opposite words), context clues (to determine meaning or multiple meaning), and synonyms (words that have the same meaning)! Today was also our first Cafe Sun, and Stephanie, Giorgia, Kelsey, Ben, and Caroline lit up the dance floor with some sweet moves! Cha cha... sliding to the left.... hopping about... it was spectacular!! Sure brought a smile to this teachers face, and added some well needed levity and joy to a difficult week. Thank you Cafe Sun performers!! In the afternoon, we enjoyed more of our story about Nick Allen and his battle of wits with teacher Mrs. Granger! Reading Frindle is proving to be one of our favorite moments of each day! Thank you Andrew Clement! In writing workshop we prepared letter to Kai and Taro, Mr. Merritt's 2 sons. We were asked to think of memories of Mr. Merritt so we could share them in a letter with his boys (whoa.... heavy stuff...). Though not easy... we loved remembering how Mr. Merritt used to read the Pledge of Allegiance wayyyy too fast, how he wore a Dr. Suess outfit when it was 90 degrees, how he helped build our pavilion, and what a kind man and friend he was to so many families. Well done friends, well done!

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