Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another busy day! We started with Caroline's math meeting (and a new seating arrangement to help us do our best work at meetings)!! We all loved the result! One thoughtful, careful, meaningful meeting with lots of fun, mental math thinking, and participation!! Next, we practiced our learning in place value with a new game, and learned a new math concept... numbers in their expanded form! When things expand, they get bigger... and it's true with numbers too! We remembered how tens and ones work with double digit numbers, and practiced building and writing numbers! Excellent practice! We are truly building a foundation to how we will think, work with, and understand even bigger numbers and number patterns! Ahhhh... numbers, yah gotta love them.. they always tell the truth, they surprise you with cool patterns and puzzles, and they never disappoint! Never! At morning meeting we had another special morning message... the listening and retelling kind! Today after our greeting and song, we didn't read the message, but instead we listened to it, and tried to repeat it back. Great job listeners! We had many willing "retellers" for today's morning message!!! Well done! In reading workshop readers worked on making "good reading choices" and then we wrote about our reading. Today we thought about how to "retell" our reading. Using important words (transition words) that help us retell the sequence of a story... with a beginning, middle and ending, we wrote about our reading today! And then, we added illustrations to go with our text. Just like real writers!! Nice work! In the afternoon we enjoyed read aloud with Christopher Columbus! We talked what "American History" means and talked about this important story about Christopher Columbus! Students learned that history is really about stories... real events that happened a long time ago. We talked about the facts of a story... what really happened, and then, we talked about "point of view"... what we THINK about a story, and the people in the story! Then, we wrote about our learning! Students talked about important words and facts from the story, looked at maps and globes, thought about what life was like in 1492, and wondered what it would be like to be an explorer when some people were learning that the world was actually round!!! No matter what you think about Columbus, his voyage, the outcome, or life after... this is a story about our American history... and it's an important one! More with place value games, Columbus, and writing about our learning tomorrow!

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