Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday... Meetings... and Writing Goals!

After a beautiful weekend, students were back and ready for challenges and stretching our learning! We started with Josh's math meeting, and he handled it like a pro! Calendar math, days in school, and money! Well done Josh! In math we worked on our mental math strategies... thinking about numbers, and holding information in our thinking, while solving problems! What a challenge! We worked on finding mystery numbers using clues, with strategies and hundreds charts! Very challenging! And with challenge comes great rewards! Students felt very accomplished today after mastering our many math challenges! Well done! In reading workshop we talked more about realistic fiction (and what this means), and read and wrote about realistic fiction in our reading response. Today Tenzin was our morning meeting helper, and he lead a very efficient, enjoyable meeting with singing, morning message, and the clothespin game! Well done Tenzin! We also practiced our spelling pattern, short u vowel sound and used meaning and phonics (listening to sounds and paying attention to where the sound falls in the word) to practice our spelling words! Well done second grade! This afternoon we talked about our "writing muscle" and what it means to use your "writing muscle" the way an athlete or a dancer uses their muscles! Next, we talked about goals, and how important it is to have goals when you want to develop into a better writer. Becoming better means practice and work, and using our muscle!! Setting writing goals and making our stories better using our MUSCLES!! Well done second grade!!

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