Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Harrison's Meeting and Dictionaries!!

Greetings Friends! Harry started our day with a rousing rendition of This Land Is Your Land, the cube greeting (rock and roll style, whisper style, army sargent style, and the newly popular bunny style)! What a great bunny-tastic way to start the day! In word study we used our long a vowel words to segment sounds, and worked with rhyming words too. It's always fun when we get to use dictionaries with our spelling words and that's exactly what we did! After putting words in ABC order, we used our dictionaries to double check! In writing workshop it was writing to a prompt (a special type of writing where we answer a question with lots of details). Today our prompt was to write about a special moment spent with someone special, important, someone who really matters to us. More writing tomorrow!
In math we took a close look at our learning about place value and triple digit numbers up to 1,000! WOW! We've really learned a lot, and will continue to practice adding ones, tens, and hundreds and (subtraction too)! After Makayla's math meeting we were off to computers to practice math computation fluency! We routinely start every day with 5 minutes of math fluency practice (math facts, fast and automatic), and we took advantage of practicing on computers instead! Computation fluency is only one part of math, but it's very important that we learn those math facts (up to 20) automatically (without even thinking about it) by the end of second grade! If you'd like to practice at home, remember, just scroll down the blog on the right hand side, and click on math games (under followers)! What a fun way to practice, learn, and master our math facts!
We ended the day in PE and worked up quite a sweat! What a work out! Just the way we like it! PE tomorrow as well, sneakers please.

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