Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cali and JAKE Run the Show!!

Great day friends! We started with a great morning meeting thanks to Cali! Chicken Lips sounded awesome, great message, game and greeting! Nice Cali! We had a "down and dirty POWER MATH" lesson this morning on equations! Not only do we love solving equations, but we LOVE it when addends are MISSING and we have to solve... like a puzzle! And though it BLOWS OUR MINDS when the sum (the answer) comes first in the equation, it's still an equation, plain and simple. Still a good old number sentence! That was one fun equation party friends! Woohoo!! By the way, with Yuni as our pencil sharpener this week, we will clearly NEVER WANT for a sharp pencil! That girl was all over that job! Completely on the ball Yuni! Well done! After PE we jumped into spelling with our new rule OW! Or OUCH! Depending on the word... but the sound is the same! We looked up our spelling words in the dictionary too! Well done second graders! And it must be noted that we had some of the neatest handwriting Ms. W. has EVER seen in word study this morning! WOW! Outstanding! We learned about a new work board center in writing workshop called listening center! It's like having a story come to LIFE with music, dynamic reading, and friends to share it with! Today we listened to Amazing Grace, the story about a young imaginative, story loving girl who decides to try our for the lead in her school play. She meets some obstacles, by way of friends who feel she's not quite right for the part of Peter Pan (she's a girl... she's black...). Grace perseveres, and in the end, after she reads her part in the play, there's NO DOUBT who should play Peter Pan! Everyone agrees! Great story!
In math, we hit it with POW!! Solving story problems taking care to show all our thinking, with pictures, words, numbers, and of course, the answer (in a complete sentence)! Impressive friends! Today's problem was NOT an easy one, but you all nailed it!! We ended math with one fantastic math meeting, compliments of Jake (who was BORN to run math meetings, believe you me!!). Nice job Jake! In read aloud we could have stayed on that rug, and listened to that story ALL DAY! Roald Dahl seriously knew what he was doing when he wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Next it was on to work board and catch up day. Learning how to complete our work independently, making good choices for our learning, and caring about neat, complete work is important! Well done. Library tomorrow, remember your books please, so you can check out new ones!


  1. Doug appreciates your kind compliments!!!! However Jake is not too happy!!!! Is there a new boy in second grade????

  2. Holy cow! What was I thinking?? Apologies to Jake... who was very gracious about the error! And, anytime Doug wants to join 2W, there's always room!! Funny Julie!