Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Meetings.... Owen and Makayla!!

Howdy Monday Amigos! We got started today with Owen's morning meeting, Chicken Lips, ball toss greeting (tricky) and sparkle!!! Great meeting Owen! Our new spelling rule today was long a vowel sound (when a says it's name). We watched a quick video snippet called Boot Camp Long A and saw how long a says it's name when it's with silent e, or in front of another vowel (check the link on the right, and see for yourself)! It even gets a little help from Y (sometimes a vowel on it's own)!! After sorting our words, we were ready for writing workshop. Today is Monday, and that means weekend stories (personal narratives)! Today our focus was on WOW words and replacing "said" with some fancier words like "replied", "shouted", "whispered", and "yelled". Student authors Owen and Skyler shared their stories today at our author's share! Well done! Writing workshop could have gone on all morning, accept it was time for recess! Once back, after lunch and recess, it was time for more with place value and adding tens and hundreds! Makayla hosted her first math meeting, and I must say it was great! Calendar, days in school, counting money, and graphing the weather! Well done Makayla! We ended the day with work board, reading groups, and fluency practice, and everyone did their job! Job well done! Great Monday everyone! See you tomorrow... PE, sneakers please.

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