Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tia's Meeting and Writing Paragraphs... M.L.K. Style!!!

Greetings Friends! Second grade sure was busy today! Tia started us off with a very "sparkley" morning meeting! Well done Tia! We used our spelling words to sort all our "sh" words and used dictionaries to find meaning in our bonus word, the "sh" rule breaker, compassion. Well done! In writing workshop we read more about the life of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, and used our learning to write paragraphs. A very special kind of writing where all the sentences support a topic. We had many wonderfully crafted paragraphs, and some amazing topic sentences, right Danny?! Our sharers today were Tia and Kaela, though we had many eager, willing volunteers! More writing tomorrow, with a special project too!
In quiet reading we enjoyed more age appropriate biographical stories about the civil rights movement and Dr. King, along with other great second grade book choices (Arthur, Beverly Cleary, Andrew Clement, and many more)!
In math we introduced fractions with some very important vocabulary (halves, two, thirds, three, fourths, four, whole, and equal parts)! Students practiced what they learned about equal on the smart board today, and we will stretch our learning even more tomorrow! We ended the day talking about what a "good friend" would do when another needs help cleaning up. Very thoughtful discussion, and issues of fairness, choices, and friendship were discussed. So... next time it's indoor recess, and you have a choice to help a friend clean up some blocks, or.... wait in line assuring your "first in line" status, I wonder what you will choose? Hmmmmm. Very tricky, but productive dialogue! Well done friends. It's truly clear how much everyone in 2W cares about each other. Impressive! Tomorrow, library, remember to bring books in from home so you can get more!

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