Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jake's Meeting and Martin's Big Words!

Howdy Thursday Thinkers! Nice one Jake... and way to start the day with a great morning meeting! Greeting friends with "cranky old man" voice, and army sergeant voice was exciting! The new guess who game was also great! Next, it was on to word study and working with our digraph sh. Using context clues we sorted our words and paid close attention to where in the word the "sh" was located! Next, it was on to writing workshop with Martin's Big Words. A wonderful story highlighting the power of our words, and how words can trigger certain responses! Try love over hate, peace over war, and freedom over segregation! Well said! After that we chose certain words for our word art project with craypas and water color paints! Great work everyone! We enjoyed two new sports related browsing boxes at quiet reading time today, which were very well received by many second grade readers! About time, eh Jake??? Finally!! Yay!
In math we reviewed our learning about halves, thirds and fourths and equal parts. Using a variety of shapes we expressed what we learned by dividing shapes while matching important vocabulary with pictures. Thinking, thinking, and even more thinking!! Juan ran another stellar math meeting, complete with money, calendar, weather graph, and "days in school"! Nice Juan!
We ended the day with work board and put the final touches on our word art with bright colorful water color paints! What a great day! Fun (finish-up) Friday tomorrow! Can't wait!


  1. Hooray for the sports browsing box!! Jake was so very happy. Jake liked learning about fractions and wants to know if more fractions are coming?

  2. Right?! So glad to have such wonderful sports related stories (fiction and non) for everyone! It's been very popular! And... more with fractions next week! Our goal is to have a concrete understanding of thirds, halves, and fourths stressing equal parts! Lot's more with that, but it's been great so far! Busy, busy, busy! Just the way we like it! I'll put some fraction brain pops on the blog for you! Have a great weekend!