Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joe "Rocks" the Morning Meeting!!

Great Wednesday Friends! Joe started us off with a "rocking" morning meeting, as in rock and roll greeting, This Land Is Your Land, and sparkle! Love that game!! Way to go Joe! We used context clues and synonyms to sort our spelling words in word study and played a fun phonics game with our digraph "ch"! Working in teams (with official super cool team names) we listened to our British friend from you tube recite a 40 second list of digraph words highlighting "ch". Then, working in teams, we tried to remember all the words and write them down together. Fun game!! When everybody plays... EVERYBODY WINS!!! At least in second grade they do! In writing workshop we practiced writing in our Monthly Writing Sample Journals where we are able to see (right in front of our own eyes) how our writing is getting better and better! This is an unassisted writing job each friend completes once a month for 20 minutes. Talking about "what good writers do" helped us get ready! Then it was all about writing! Nice job friends! In math, we reviewed our learning from yesterday about standard and expanded notation when writing numbers, and went a little further! Taking 3 digit numbers, we tried adding tens and hundreds, and then subtracted tens and hundreds! Challenging, fun, and very cool! After math Ms. W. was off to a meeting, but Mrs. C reported that the new work board went well! Lots of fun, new literacy centers to practice our reading, writing, listening, math, sequencing, and overall thinking skills! Well done friends! Great day! Tomorrow... a fun, computer-tastic, place value surprise! Can't wait! Think about your bed time. What is your bed time? Is bed time important? What happens to your body when you sleep? How much sleep do you get... do you need? We'll talk about sleep at tomorrow's morning meeting witha super cool line plot diagram! Nighty night! See you in the morning!

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