Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Julienne's Morning Meeting Goes to the Zoo!!

What a rousing morning meeting! Julienne really got this day started with a trip to the zoo! Singing Daddy's Taking Us To the Zoo, but with friends acting out the characters... elephants (Jake NEVER disappoints), monkeys (uh, shout out to Brady, best monkey EVER), seals (well done Skyler, very convincing), bears (Makayla was a huffing and a puffing), and sleepy friends in the car (yes Danny, we're talking to you, did you actually, truly, FALL ASLEEP, because it looked like you did)!! What a great idea, Julienne! Everyone loved this morning's meeting. Well done! Next, we practiced handwriting with our spelling rule, digraph th and reviewed our learning about they're, there, and their. Tricky. Next, it was on to a great story by Don and Audrey Wood, King Bidgood's In the Bathtub. Love this whimsical caldecott winning story! Tomorrow, writing summaries using all our pre-writing
from today!
In math we did our last "web" (winter assessment) and after that, it was all about money, coins and our favorite game, Heads or Tails! Students reviewed what we've learned about counting coins, practiced counting quarters, and added quarters to our game! Wow! Well done friends, and good practice! James ended math with another great math meeting! Nice James! Great weather question!
Ms. Schumacher read from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and this story keeps getting better and better! Thanks Ms. Schumacher!
We ended the day with work board, and had a candid, honest, thoughtful discussion about what quiet, careful workers look like, and what it means to be independent and pay attention to your work (yes, a very chatty unproductive day on work board today). Staying focused on your job (rather than chatting with friends) is how you learn and grow in second grade. And that's what we will work on tomorrow. I know we can do it! We've done "great work" on work board a ton of times, and we will do it again! Library tomorrow... bring back books so you can borrow more new ones!

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