Monday, January 9, 2012

Jame's Math Meeting and Julienne's VIP!!

What a Monday friends! We launched right into handwriting with the letter t (review), because our spelling rule is a new digraph... th! After writing our amazingly perfect t's, we worked with th and payed close attention to where the th falls in our words (beginning, middle or end). After getting our homework squared away, we watched a 5 minute "brain pop" on the digraph th, and answered some questions on the smart board (well done James)! Writing workshop was busy with personal narratives (weekend stories style), and Ms. Worthley modeled one of her weekend stories too. Soon after that, it was all about writing, think sheets, organizing and crafting our weekend stories! Friends shared their weekends with us, and Brady showed us how the think sheet helped him organize the details in his story! Well done boys! Students made excellent quiet reading choices today as well, thanks to some very popular browsing boxes (Arthur, Magic Treehouse, M.L.K., and of course Dr. Seuss!) In math we reviewed fractions and practiced some more with halves, thirds, and fourths. We took some very special time to welcome and get to know our SES's new math coach, Mrs. Wickline, and talked with her about why we like math so much, and what we're still learning! Welcome to 2W Mrs. Wickline! We started a new read aloud story today as well... brace yourself, this is going to be good... ready? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! YEAH!!!!! Love Roald Dahl (tells a story like NO OTHER), and this is one of our favorites! More on Willy Wonka later! James shared his first of many math meetings this week and did a fabulous job with calendar, money, days in school, and weather graphing! Well done James! We ended with a new M.L.K. inspired socially conscious work board, but not before Julienne's VIP!! Finally! We've been waiting forever for this big moment, and TODAY... it CAME!!!! Well done Julienne, I can tell, you must be the best-ever big brother! Thanks for sharing your family, special moments, and important keepsakes with us! No surprise... Julienne is supremely kind, sweet, awesome, and one of the most caring friends anyone in 2W could ever ask for. Nice!

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