Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yuni's Meeting and Fun Run!!!

Greetings friends! What a busy Thursday! Yuni started with her morning meeting and Black Socks, a line plot graph, koosh greeting, and sparkle!! Nicely done Yuni! Spot on! We took some time to reflect on our second grade year of learning, and think about how "we", the students think it's going. An honest, thoughtful moment was taken to think about all we've learned so far, and what we still want to work on! Well done friends! This task required a mature, honest approach and that's exactly what we brought! Your student's reflections will accompany their report cards tomorrow. Speaking of report cards, there should be absolutely no surprises! If anyone has any questions on how to interpret the rubric and what the numbers mean... please, drop me a note, or call for some clarity if necessary! Bottom line... second grade is going GREAT! The expectations are high, the work is rigorous and require effort, thought, perseverance and creativity! Just the way we like it!!
In math we loved some extra computer time with place value games that really reinforced our learning about expanded notation (300+40+1), and standard form (341) of writing and understanding numbers and place value. These are all links on the blog (right column, scroll down, just below "followers" and you'll see "math games"). They are great games, visually appealing, and support our core concept learning in place value! PLAY THEM AT HOME!!
We ended the day with a fun run organized by Nurse Jeannie and Ms. Gebo! What luck we had with the weather! It was awesome! 3 laps amount to about one mile... and Nurse Jeannie told me that MANY second graders completed up to 6 or more laps! Impressive! WOW! That's what I call a healthy, happy, productive school day friends! A little singing, reading, writing, math, computers, running/walking, snacking, and friendship! Great day! Fun Friday tomorrow!!

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