Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Double Digit Addition and All School Sing!!

What a great day!! It all started with Juan's morning meeting and a new game "fruit basket"! What fun! Well done Juan! We were quickly off to PE this morning, and when we came back, it was time for more long a vowel sounding words! Students worked with antonyms (opposite words) and used context clues to complete the missing word in sentences! Many looked up more spelling words in the dictionary today as well! Nice work! We completed our writing prompt today: Write about someone special and a special moment you shared with that person. Someone who really matters to you. Well done friends! Many wrote about grandparents, some wrote about cousins and siblings, and a couple even wrote about teachers (we're talkin' about you, Mrs. Wells)!!! Nice job everyone! Writing to a prompt means following directions, and adding as much detail to your writing to really answer the question! In math we introduced double digit addition and it was a ONNNN!! Simple... double digit means two digits, and all you do is add! Just remember the secret... start with the ones, then the tens! Simple! After some more practice, we will introduce regrouping numbers (carrying) to our computation practice! For now, we'll lock in the rules, the protocol of how to add double digit numbers (the pencil and paper way). Great beginning! After math, Makayla ushered in a new month at her math meeting! Welcome February, already??? Yikes! We ended our day with one fantastic all school sing! Mr. Hines and his able bodied assistant Maddison guided us through Tingelayo, He's Got the Whole World In His Hands, and many more! Mr. Hines also announced the theme for Art's Night... Soul! I can't wait for another incredible evening if singing, dancing, and one of a kind entertainment... SES style!

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