Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kaela, Makayla, Meetings... Kaela, Makayla, Meetings...Say that three times fast!!

Well howdy friends! Like I said, Kaela and Makyla were our meeting helpers today, and what smashing jobs they did!! First, Makayla started the day with our morning meeting, and we loved singing Oh Susana... or was that Oh Makayla?? The koosh greeting was great, and love, love, love the sparkle game! Well done Makayla! Way to start the day! In word study we stretched our learning about our digraphs of the week, ch and wh, and sorted words according to sounds! Next it was on to using our dictionaries for ABC order and looked up spelling words! Excellent job friends! We had just enough time left for quiet reading, due to the delay, and the morning went by very quickly! In math this afternoon, we stretched what we've learned about place value and three digit numbers, and learned about writing numbers. We learned the difference between expanded form, and standard form of writing numbers, and reinforced our concrete understanding of hundreds, tens, and ones. When things expand... they get bigger! That's exactly what happened when we wrote numbers using the expanded form. Good practice and job well done friends! I thought the crayon box problem would be a serious challenge, but we GOT IT!!!! Seriously great thinking and perseverance in problem solving friends! Outstanding job (and fun too)!! Kaela ran another great math meeting with lots of enthusiastic participation and support! Great job everyone! Well done Kaela! We ended the day in PE with Ms. Gebo. Great day friends! More PE tomorrow (sneakers please) and remember, snow pants and boots if you want to play in the snow (if there's any snow left tomorrow)! Fun Run on Thursday! Feel free to join us, sneakers please!!

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