Thursday, January 19, 2012

Skyler's Meeting and The Wonder Ball!!

What a Thursday, Friends! Skyler got us started with a fantastic mornong meeting, and taught us a new game (familiar to some, and new to others). The Wonder Ball Game! What a smashing success, Skyler! Everyone loved it, including Ms. W!! After that we used our spelling words to practice simile, synonyms, and used context clues to complete spelling sentences! Nice job friends! "OW" never sounded so good! We got a jump start on work board today, and finished all our "catch up" jobs on the work board while Mrs. Cialek and Ms. Worthley met with readers in reading groups and fluency practice. Well done! In math we practiced adding 10's, but with bigger numbers. Students used the 100's board to add 10's, and tens sticks to show what they know about adding tens! Read aloud was as good as it was yesterday, and we're about half way through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Finally... Charlie finds the fifth golden ticket, and joins the other 4 lucky winners for a trip to the chocolate factory! Wow! How much do we love Roald Dahl??? TOO much!!! By the way, NEVER, have a group of second graders made me feel so special and appreciated on my birthday! Thank you, each and every one of you, for every beautiful drawing, thoughtful card, and most endearing, touching birthday wish! Now you know why I LOVE GOING TO WORK on by birthday! Thank you friends! Fun Friday tomorrow! See you bright and early!

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