Friday, January 6, 2012

Modern Dance and Nurse Jeannie!!

Wow!! So busy! Let's talk about fun Friday! Where do we begin? Great meeting Kaela! I think sparkle might be my all time FAVORITE meeting game! Buddy test went well, and we are now all experts on the digraph "sh"... next week, another popular digraph "th". Nurse Jeannie stopped in to share a super cool experiment highlighting the importance of fluoride! We swirl with fluoride every Thursday... but why? Well, as Nurse Jeannie clearly showed us (with the help of her handy dandy sidekick, the hard boiled egg, fluoride makes calcium STRONG!! Without it... our teeth would just, sort of, flake away! Fluoride makes teeth strong, and proper oral hygiene make for a happy, healthy mouth!! GO TEETH!! Thanks Nurse Jeannie! Great lesson!
After talking about good book choices in quiet reading, we were off to a special event... modern dance! And the dancers were students! Boys and girls just like us! The music and choreography was very cool! Every eye was glued to every dancer, as they skipped and danced through the gym! Thanks PTO! Another special treat to enrich our learning experience in the arts!!
In math, we learned more about fractions and compared parts. Is one third more or less than one fourth? Would you rather have one third of a piece of pie, or one fourth, and why? After creating our apple pies, we made careful observations about what the pieces looked like, and how they all go together to make one whole pie! Using language to explain our math thinking can be challenging, but that's why we do it! Well done friends! We ended math with Juan's last math meeting of the week, and it was the best one yet! Well done Juan! Next week, James takes over that very important job in the classroom! We ended the day with work board and catching up on all our unfinished business! Students worked very independently and thoroughly this afternoon! New work board Monday! New centers, can't wait! Have a great weekend friends!

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