Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Maya's Morning Meeting and What's an Equation?

Greetings Friends! Another great day in second grade, started by our wonderful morning meeting helper, Maya! Loved your meeting Maya... and starting you message with "Greetings Best Friends"... priceless!
We "fancied up" our cards for Mrs. Cialek and can't wait to share them with her tomorrow! We've missed her while she was out sick, and truly look forward to her return! We had fun hunting for words in poems in word study.. and it was all about long e vowel sound! Students worked alone, or together (their choice) searching for words in our poems that share our word study principle, and were extremely excited to add them to our word list! FUN!
Math was all about equations... and looking at equations that have more than one addend on each side of the equals sign (and this truly rocked our world)!! You mean, you can say that 7+7=6+8... WHAT???? Is this true... 2+3=4+1.... HUH?? Using the scale, we demonstrated how 3+7 cubes equals 10 cubes... and 5+5 cubes equals 10 cubes as well, on the other side of the scale! MATH... SO AMAZING... WHO KNEW??? We ended our great day with Mr. Hines in Music... just the way we like it!!

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