Monday, November 8, 2010

Mary's Morning Meeting, and Odd and Even Numbers!

Wow! Our Monday started off with a great morning meeting lead by Mary and the Sandwiches song! Woohoo! That's what I call... a "WAKE UP CALL!! Nice job Mary! We enjoyed Boppity-bop-bop-bop as well and adjourned to handwriting. Writing workshop was all about the "personal narrative" with weekend stories, and we talked about (modeled) how to begin a story with a question. There are many great ways to begin a story... and sometimes writers start with a very compelling question! Well done writers!
Adan had his first math meeting this week and it was very IMPRESSIVE!! Well done Adan! We reviewed odd/even numbers and stretched our thinking into how even numbers work in "pairs" and odd numbers always have a "left-over". After a very lively lesson/discussion on what we remember about odd/even numbers and how they work, everyone practiced diligently and quietly (WOW)! Well done second grade... very impressive!
We ended our day with Ms. Kidder and some "Malawi research"! Ms. Kidder lead our work in technology on finding out more about our global interest in Malawi! We learned about their flag, their crops, their language, and so much more! Well done Ms. Kidder, thank you for contributing to our new addiction.... Malawi and supporting our world and our learning in such meaningful ways!
Wednesday will be a walking field trip to Sunderland Town Hall for a Veteran's Memorial Celebration, so, wear comfortable shoes... as we honor our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and all who serve our country!


  1. Love that sandwich song and we also heard a lot about the great Math meeting !

  2. Yes, Anonymous! Singing the Sandwich song can bring down the house!! And agreed, Adan lead some outstanding math meetings as well! It's a big responsibility and a job students take quite seriously... and he nailed it!