Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rebecca's Meeting and Writing Summaries!

A short day but a great one! Rebecca started us off with the Sandwiches song... and I don't think it's ever been sung with more enthusiasm! WOW! After that, it was the koosh toss greeting and our new favorite game... Alibi! Nice job Rebecca, great meeting and a great way to start our day. Following meeting we did our usual fantastic job with handwriting practice, followed by word study. We sorted our spelling words and went on a word hunt for more words that followed our digraph rule. Moving, reading, sorting and writing words is a great way to learn and remember! Well done second graders!
Following word study we took another critical look at our story "Don't Call Me Pruneface" (hilarious), and stretched our writing to include the "beginning, middle, and ending" of the story! Ms. Worthley read, as we listened, stopped, talked about the beginning, then wrote about it! We repeated this practice in the "middle" of the story, and at the end, of course, all while Ms. Worthley modeled what to include in your writing! Needless to say, we had a ROOM FULL of EXCELLENT WRITERS!!! The GOOD news is, everyone wanted to share at Author's Share... the bad news is, we had to limit it to three friends (though all deserved the honor today)!!! Wow! What a wonderful, short, but spectacular day!
Thanks to all who came in to conference today! Look forward to meeting with everyone tomorrow! Remember... another half day tomorrow and Friday (no lunch in school), noon dismissal! Cheers!

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