Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ethan and Adan Run Meetings and Mackenzies V.I.P!

Greetings! Ethan kicked off our Friday with an eye opening morning meeting! We sang Oh Susanah, koosh greeting, and played the clothespin game with our teeny tiny clothespin! Well done Ethan! After Buddy Test we wrote in our dialogue journals and caught up on work board while readers met with Ms. Worthley!
After lunch we were captivated by the next few chapters of James and the Giant Peach! That Earthworm finally had reason to worry as he was used as bait to capture the seagulls, who were then used to lift the enormous peach out of the shark infested water! Wow!
Adan started us off with an excellent math meeting (as was the case all week), well done Adan! In math we worked on P.O.W! with a story problem using 3 variables! Olivia R. shared her strategy to solve the problem after everyone had completed their work. Nice to see the different ideas each student used to show their thinking! Well done! Olivia D. showed us a counting game she and her sister made up at home with pumpkins and a homemade die! Cool Olivia!
Our day finally ended with a lively V.I.P. presentation by Mackenzie! We really got an inside look into our friend as she shared family photos, special collections, and her beloved (and kind of spunky) baby hamster! Nicely done Mackenzie! Great Friday!

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