Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FEAST... And Reflection!

The big day! Here at last! And what a feast it was!! We began the day with Rebecca's morning meeting where students decided to delight our guests with their very own version of the Sandwiches song, but replacing the word "turkeys" for "sandwiches" every time it was in the song! Awesome! Rebecca lead us in the scarf toss greeting, and a great game of "sparkle"! Well done Rebecca!
Handwriting was short and sweet... perfect number 9's all over, then it was time to prepare for our guests! Students did some light cleaning (as we all do when preparing for guests...) and set tables with helpings of cornbread, butter dishes, and beautiful linens for the tables! Oooooo did we look snappy today! We posted some signs around the room expressing our greetings and welcoming everyone, and then... they arrived! Ms. Easton, Ms. Zimnowski, Ms. Palmer, Mr. Merritt, Ms. Kuck, Ms. Luttenegger, Ms. Jordan, and even Ms. Gallerani popped in (one of our favorite sub/guest teachers... and she was in SES today... WOW)! We began with our song, and shared our thoughts about the first Thanksgiving (nice Mary); explained how we made the decisions about our celebration and what to cook (great job Olivia R); shared how we prepared our food, the peeling and chopping (well done Olivia, Maya, Mackenzie, TJ, Adan, and Rebecca); and Charlie even shared how much fun it was to be a chef (smelling onions on your fingers)! We loved every minute of it! Students were so happy to linger with their guests over hot delicious soup, sweet tasty cornbread with butter, and fresh delicious apple pie!
What a calm, relaxing, comfortable atmosphere to enjoy a delicious home made meal! I think we might have even broken some "2W records" today too! Did Olivia eat 4 bowls of soup? Did Adan really have 6 bowls? Did Rebecca say she had 3 pieces of pie? TJ did NOT just say he ate 3 apples... did he? And, was that Mackenzie and her 3rd piece of cornbread? Holy cow... best feast ever... for sure (but don't tell any alumni I said that)! Let's also recognize all the friends who "tried" food they weren't quite sure they'd like! Well done!
After our luxurious feast fest... we carefully cleaned our room from top to bottom! Very conscientious and responsible, and later joined together for some thoughtful reflection. Students described how delicious the soup tasted, how surprised they were that Ms. G. was actually there (Wow!), how much food we all devoured, and how much we missed Lannashia and wished she were there with us! What a memorable and truly very special day (even if Squanto and Massasoit weren't able to make it)!!
Today was all about the feast, friendship, cooperation and working together, with a little bit of history to boot!
Tomorrow... half day, noon dismissal (no lunch served). We will be treated to a very special puppet performance in the morning, and enjoy our last visit with Chris, our guest-reader from the Red Hawk's Frontier Football Team!

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  1. Very special day for 2W... and we truly missed one very special girl, Lannahsia! Hope you're feeling better soon Lannashia!