Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Olivia R's Morning Meeting and a "Thankful" Writing Workshop!

I know... I know... Prince William is engaged, but there are much more important things happening in second grade that DEMAND your attention... so, let's begin! Olivia had a great morning meeting with a new song: She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain, the koosh greeting,and the telephone game! Loved it Olivia! Way to start the day! It took us a while, but we finally got that song down, and it sounded great!
We used a pictograph to scaffold our "thankful writing" in writing workshop, and will use our thoughts, ideas, and pictures to write paragraphs tomorrow. Some extremely thoughtful reflection went into our discussion about what it means to be thankful! The range went from, having "shelter", to being "ok" after having brain surgery, to "my little brother", to our beloved pets, to roast chicken.... now that's what I call a range! Very individual, and indeed meaningful for those who shared! Well done!
We stretched our thinking about place value in math and practiced with base 10 blocks (because they're so COOL!!!!). We will jump into 3 digit numbers tomorrow (paying close attention to the "place" of each digit...as it's value depends on it's "place" in the number)! Looking forward to some BIG NUMBERS tomorrow friends! We're ready!
We ended the day singing with Mr. Hines and our 2Z second grade buddies... now how good is that! All school sing tomorrow afternoon! Woohoo! See you then!

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