Monday, November 29, 2010

Adan Starts the Morning and Olivia Starts Math!

Welcome back friends! Very exciting and busy day in second grade! Adan started us off with Chicken Lips (fun to sing, and so disgusting at the same time!), the koosh toss greeting, and the "acting out" game! Well done Adan! Very fun meeting, just the way we like it!
We also started with a new spelling principle... long e vowel sound (using vowel teams ee and ea, and silent e), and picked our spelling words. After writing our words on our homework, we began writing workshop!
Students were introduced to a new "think sheet" to help us with our writing! We talked about our weekend and used the think sheet to "map out" our ideas about what to write about! TJ shared his weekend writing with a wonderful story (and think sheet) that highlighted his family's love for "REAL" velvet cake! Well done TJ! Gotta admit, I share the "cake-love" when it comes to red velvet! Nice job sharing your writing with the class as well! We also talked about how important it is to be a "writer" during writing workshop! Well done second grade!
We were also treated to a connections lesson by Ms. McCarthy. she explained the different kinds of connections readers can make with a book they are reading... text to text, text to self, and text to world. Well done Ms. McCarthy, and the student participation was excellent friends! Nice!
We began math with Olivia D's math meeting (nice job Olivia!) and reviewed place value. Very tricky and important concept... where the digit is in the number is very important! Taking 3 digits, and rearranging them into a high and low number requires a lot of thinking! But we LIKE THINKING! WHEN YOU'RE THINKING, YOU'RE WINNING! Our 2W motto... words to live by!

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