Friday, November 19, 2010

Kirsten's Morning Meeting, and Olivia's V.I.P!!

Great Day! Howdy friends! Here we go...
Kirsten started us off with a great morning meeting and another interesting and unexpected game of "telephone"! Well done Kirsten!
We had an early VIP presentation with a very special guest! Olivia shared meaningful collections from events she and her family have shared together... but she didn't stop there, she brought in a very special member of her family... her dad... and they showed off one very cool handshake! Well done Olivia! Loved the family photos (especially the one with your vampire-sister), the key collection, and the special Easter egg blanket!
Readers showed off their fluency skills with our poem of the week, "Cute as a Button"! And I believe it's safe to say, that they were all, indeed, as cute as a button!
Mr. Deane hung around for a little fun-math trivia on our smart board! And yes... the number 4 is the only number (in the entire UNIVERSE OF NUMBERS) that shares it's value with the amount of letters in it's name... 4... FOUR... 4 letters! Very cool!
We continued to stretch our learning in math with place value, and built high numbers, low numbers, and all kinds of numbers by changing and rearranging the place of the 3 digits! Tricky, fun, and challenging! Well done 2nd graders!

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