Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Charlie's Awesome Meeting....and Honoring our Veterans!

Wow!! What a day! It all started with Charlie's morning meeting! He woke us up with Rockin Robin, and kept us captive all the way through until we played Alibi (indeed, still, our new favorite game)! We had a quick snack and got ready for our walking field trip to the Sunderland Town Hall for our Veterans Memorial Celebration! We were impressed by our guests, military personnel from Westover Air Force Base (where Ms. Worthley's brother works flying C-5s) and veterans from foreign wars who joined them! We witnessed a very touching tribute... amazing singing by our own 5th and 6th grade chorus, but also by one of Deerfield's veterans himself, as he sung God Bless America (and yes, pass the tissues, seriously)!
We heard our own friend, Luke Parsons share his brothers thoughts about serving and love of country, and Mr. Merritt's thoughts as well. We listened to history about respecting and folding the flag, and how the "military salute" originated. What a full, busy morning! We adjourned back to SES with a little help crossing streets by Sunderland's "finest", and were escorted back by the very military officers we left at the Town Hall (how'd they do that so quick??). All our Military guests joined us in classrooms to talk about the work they do and how they serve, many even joined us for lunch! What an exciting morning! Well done Sunderland!
Though many were "pooped" after lunch, we began talking about place value and used our smart board to talk about tens, ones, and write and compare numbers and value! Well done second grade! Very exciting day!
Enjoy your Thursday off, think about our veterans, and see you bright and early on Friday!


  1. What a great honor to have the soldiers visit the school today. And a wonderful way to respect our Veterans by the annual walk to the town memorial.

  2. Indeed, Anonymous! Students were stunned by the veteran from Deerfield that sang God Bless America! It was a beautiful day and our students were incredibly well behaved (while we stood in the shrubbery) for the duration of the event! Great honor all around!